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Complete Immune

To maintain or achieve good health each person needs energy providing nutrients, vitamins, minerals and water. Even with a good diet providing all the basics of health, there is an important role for micronutrient supplements to maintain wellness for all people.

Complete Immune is a multivitamin mineral supplement with added immune modulators and strong antioxidants designed to provide the body with the all the nutrients required to effectively support and help build up the immune system. In addition to this it also provides the body with many of the nutrients it requires to function optimally, helping to provide energy, manage stress, assisting with concentration and even assisting with mild depression.

Modulators: Beta sitosterol and Sutherlandia – these work to modulate/balance the immune system response to viruses etc. They also have anti-inflammatory properties, and Sutherlandia is even has mild natural antidepressant properties.

Antioxidants: N-Acetyl Cysteine, Alpha Lipoic Acid in addition to Selenium, Zinc, and Vit C

In a nutshell Complete Immune is a health, lifestyle and immune improvement supplement for all people designed to enhance overall energy, health, vitality and wellness and helps the body fight off colds, flu and other infections and viruses.

In terms of HIV and other immune compromising conditions:

In the case of HIV and other immune compromising conditions, it is even more important to look after and support the immune system as it is the body’s only barrier between itself and the virus taking over.

Experts such as the WHO and SA HIV Clinicians Society caution against high levels of Vitamin A, Zinc, Selenium and Iron for people living with HIV/AIDS as they have been shown to have unfavourable outcomes on the progression of the disease.

Studies show that HIV positive people require additional amounts of specific nutrients, with deficiencies of zinc, selenium, B-6, and B-12 being common, even before their immune system becomes damaged.

  • According to research, what is required in a supplement for people with HIV is:
  • A base of vitamins and minerals at the correct RDA levels

Antioxidant nutrients to counter oxidative stress. These protect the body – including both the immune system and the liver from harm.

Fat and water soluble antioxidants

Nutrients that work together to raise the levels of glutathione. This important intracellular antioxidant is required to

  • protect cells throughout the body,
  • improve immune cell function,
  • protect the liver during the breakdown of toxins.

Complete Immune also takes into account these specific needs ensures that the correct combination of nutrients are included and in the correct RDA’s to ensure that it is safe for the use of people living with HIV.

Regulatory requirements:

All Imbizo Health products are registered with the MCC (The Medicine Control Council)

In addition to this Imbizo Health is a member of HPA (Health Products Association). The HPA regulates the Complimentary Medicines Industry and ensures that strict regulations are adhered to. See their site for more info http://www.hpasa.co.za/.

Imbizo is also a member of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society and SABCOHA (South African Business Coalition on HIV & AIDS).

Formulation and directions for use:

Complete Immune Tablets – Revision 1.1


Component Per Day (2 tablets) RDA
Vitamin A 400 ug 44 %
Vitamin B3 50 mg 250 %
Vitamin B6 10 mg 500 %
Vitamin B12 6 ug 400 %
Vitamin C 200 mg 332 %
Folic Acid 200 ug 50 %
Selenium 400 ug 200 %
Zinc 10 mg 66 %
N-Acetyl Cysteine 160 mg *
Alpha Lipoic Acid 30 mg *
Beta Sitosterol 60 mg 100 %
Sutherlandia 600 mg 100 %

Nappi Code: 704224-001

Indications: People requiring support and or modulation of the immune system

Side Effects: None known

Warnings: None

Contra Indications: For children and pregnant woman we recommend that you consult with your doctor before taking Complete Immune.

Dosage and directions for use: 2 Tablets once per day or as directed.

Interactions: None known.

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