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Want to decrease your staff absenteeism rate? Is food partly to blame??

We all know that eating a balanced diet high in fruits and vegetables is meant to keep us healthy don’t we?? Problem is, studies show that compared with 50 years ago fruits and vegetables contain up to 38% less vitamins and minerals! And did you know that 50% of the worlds population is shown to be micronutrient deficient!

What does this mean for you? 1 in 2 of your employees may be deficient too, and these deficiencies can contribute to absenteeism by contributing to illness! Not to mention the common deficiencies for people living HIV/AIDS and how these can affect disease progression.

How does this contribute to illness and therefore absenteeism? Simply put, Vitamins and Minerals are essential to life, enabling the organs and systems within our bodies to function optimally. Deficiencies in these essential micronutrients can lead to increased susceptibility to illness and some deficiencies can themselves create illness. Lets take colds and flu – certain vitamins and minerals are needed for the optimal functioning of the immune system and assist in fighting off germs, viruses and illness and assist to accelerate healing.  Without these micronutrients, the immune systems response to colds and flu would be compromised and the intensity and duration of the illness may increase.

Studies show that certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies in people HIV/AIDS have been associated with increased disease progression. And deficiencies of Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Zinc and Selenium are shown to be common in HIV patients even before the immune system becomes damaged.

So can you see how a deficiency can lead to increased illness and absenteeism? So what can you do to address this? As I am sure you can see, it is important us to be putting back the vitamins and minerals which your staff may be deficient in as a result of the decrease in content in our food.

This is where a quality vitamin mineral supplement such as Complivite can assist you. Complivite has been formulated to put back what may be missing in our diets, allowing our bodies to receive the vitamins and minerals needed to assist with immune system support, energy, concentration and overall wellness.  Complivite has also paid close attention to the special needs of people living with HIV/AIDS as studies have shown that certain vitamins and minerals have been shown to contribute to disease progression when given in the incorrect amounts.

Call us to find out how Complivite can easily and affordably assist you to put back what may be missing in your staff’s diets so that you can improve their health and decrease incidence, intensity and duration of illness thereby helping you decrease absenteeism. 011 658 0402 or info@imbizo.co.za


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